About Brand Box

Brand Box offers a blend of marketing professional knowledge and creative application aiming at the delivery of a complete branding solutions for our clients. We consider ourselves as our clients' marketing communication team. We deliver our service within a branding context or strategy. Our aim is to build brand and improve their equity to enable our clients to reach their maximum potential and become much more competitive. 

Who are we?

Brand Box is a marketing communication agency that focuses on building brands and strengthen their positioning. The ultimate aim of managing the relationship between customers and brands is establishing the winning engagement and fulfillment for both the customer and the brand.

Our Promise


We promise our customers to receive full attention, flexibility, and care for their brands along with a marketing professional knowledge and application underlying all our activities and ideas.

Our Services

 Our services are not limited to a specific list since we do what it takes to build our customers’ brands, however here are some areas that we mostly cover:
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Work Cycle

In brand box we aligned our work cycle to the customer lifetime journey with our clients’ brands. We develop tools to increase brand awareness and established positioning based on competitive market study and estimation in the early stages of the brand’s life. As we go further and deeper, several tools are then used to establish the physiological relationship with customers which has a great impact on keeping customers and converting them into loyal customers. Additionally, brand box uses different branding tools at different brand life stages, situations, and the nature of the relationship with the brands prospects, customers, loyal customers, advocates, and ambassadors.